5.00 / 5

RATING FROM: Kathie, Mike, Isabella, Chris, Mitch, Angie





Our second vacation on Allure and it couldn´t have been more spectacular! The first week with great friends, lots of great food, laughs and making special memories. Our second week went by even faster! We were threated with the best care anyone could not wish for better. The trip with my kids was like a dream come true. No stress of having to feed and tend to them was wonderful. Being able to be present and check in with each of my kids and also make special memories was priceless. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!
Last but not least the tour of the BVIs was breathtaking. The views and the people are beautiful! Thank you for the tender loving care Scott, Niki and Dan!

What an amazing trip this has been! Allure is truly the most beautiful and well kept boat in the BVI and you all must be the most incredible crew. Thank you for making this vacation one for the record books and becoming a part of our family for the past week. Every stop, every meal, every day was filled with nothing but adventures, laughs and smiles. We cannot wait to come back to see more of the BVI (specially more pirate shows) with all of you. Your attentiveness and bright smiles will be sorely missed when we return home, and I don´t know what we are going to do without Niki´s cooking!! Thank you, thank you thank you again from the bottom of our hearts

Cheers to more adventures

Wow! Our trip through the BVIs on Allure was an absolute dream come true, a trip of a lifetime! Every day was a magical adventure. We felt safe, well taken care of und especially well fed! Everything about Allure is just beautiful and that includes the crew, the most fantastic crew we could have asked for. Without you three this trip would not have been the same. Thank you so much for your excellent service, showing us all the best spots, making us feel special (shoutout for Dan for doing the ladies hair for dinner) and just all your hard work in general. Mitch and I will most definitely be coming back to the BVIs and we will only settle with having you three take care of us. Thanks again

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